Manav Rachna Educational Institutions launch ‘Project Navodaya’aimed towards the holistic development of its support staff

In a first-of-its kind initiative, Manav Rachna Educational Institutions (MREI) launched ‘Project Navodaya’ ― a unique training program that focusses on the holistic development of its support staff.

More than 300 support staff members including bus drivers, peons, cleaning staff, and helpers from Manav Rachna are being trained on soft skills over a 5-day workshop. ‘Project Navodaya’ had been a dream project of Founder Visionary Dr. O P Bhalla who had always wished for the betterment and development of each and every member of the society. Taking forward his dream, the Manav Rachna Academic Staff College (MRASC) and Career Development Centre (CDC) today launched ‘Project Navodaya’ for the benefit of staff members.

While addressing the support staff, Brig. S N Setia, Executive Director-MRASC said: “This project marks a new chapter in the development of various staff members and will enable them to discover their hidden potential”.

Ms. GauriBhasin, Head-CDC informed that all staff members will be given training on positive attitude, unearthing hidden potential, behavioral skills, CSR activities and other growth opportunities.

The project was inaugurated by Dr. Amit Bhalla, Vice President, MREI who was very happy to see the dream of Dr. O P Bhalla come to life. While addressing the support staff members, Dr. Amit Bhalla said: “You are the backbone of Manav Rachna and our true brand ambassadors. Please make the best use of this training program as such programs will hone your personality and will give you greater confidence to perform your day-to-day tasks”.He added, that after the training program, many staff members will be able to identify newer areas of contribution and could grow professionally and venture into growth areas.

Among the other dignitaries present on the occasion were Dr. N C Wadhwa, Vice Chancellor, MRIU; Dr. Sanjay Srivastava, MD-MREI; Dr. M MKathuria, Gen Secretary, MREI; and Deans and Directors of all Manav Rachna Institutions.