FMS students of Manav Rachna International University at Suraj kund Crafts Mela 2015

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The mainstay of an MBA programme is the training received in order to tackle real life business situations. To substantiate theories and to explain the application of models, Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Manav Rachna International University offers training opportunities to aspiring managers.

There are events and occasions to which one looks forward, and the wait is still worth it. One of the most awaited events of the year is the Surajkund International Crafts Mela. The mela is a cultural extravaganza and has been pulling crowds from various parts of the country. Enthusiasts from other countries also come over to be a part of this event. The 29th Surajkund International Crafts Mela was inaugurated on Feb. 1, 2015. With Chattisgarh being the theme state, the stage was set for music, dance, fun and frolic. Apart from being a cultural event, the mela is also an opportunity to learn from. FMS joined hands with Haryana Tourism for organizing the day to day mela operations. 130 students from FMS are at the Mela Grounds, performing voluntary duty at the event. The young ladies and gentlemen have been put on to various areas of duty. It may be said that FMS students are available at the mela venue for each and every concern of the visitors. Visitors are guided at the entry by the students, who are also available for assistance at various important locations all through the grounds. Students are also working with media personnel to ensure proper media coverage for the event through various communication channels (print, radio, television, and internet).

A special part of the duty being performed by FMS students is the interaction with foreign delegations. These delegates are provided guided tours by the volunteers, explaining the Indian cultural landscape. Students of the FMS Hotel Management course are part of the Food and Beverage service at the stall of Institute of Hotel Management, Faridabad.

Visitors are surely enjoying the mela spectacle, but for students of FMS, it is an opportunity where they are being rigorously trained for event management, crisis management and client handling in particular. The efforts being put in by students will go a very long way in their professional development.