Belgium based “MegaMen” and VJ Nikhil Chinapa rock the Manav Rachna campus at Resurrection 2k 15

DSC_0136It was Youth Power at its Best! The EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Night of Manav Rachna Fest Resurrection 2K15 was choc-a-bloc with high octane performances as Tomorrowland featured artistes MEGAMEN (of Belgium origin) and VJ Nikhil Chinapa set the stage on fire with rip-roaring music and breathtaking moves. More than 10,000 students—from Delhi-NCR Colleges– rocked to the music, savouring every moment of this electrifying experience. Manav Rachna Fest Resurrection 2K15 had invoked a resurgence, and there was loads of that in evidence.

The Fest, a three day Extravaganza (from 15th to 17th April, 2017) had attracted students from Manav Rachna and Delhi-NCR Colleges to partake of the wide plethora of events. They were encouraged to indulge their passion for writing, displaying their cultural streak through dance and music, witnessing the power of Healthcare live at Resurrection 2K15 or beating fellow techno geeks at a competition held specially for them! The pulsating night of Electronic Dance Music (on April 16, 2015) with MEGAMEN and Nikhil Chinapa at the helm was the proverbial icing on the cake. The dynamic beats, robust sounds and brilliant spectrum of graphics on stage got feet tapping, as students, delirious with excitement, seemed to be having the time of their lives. A camera-wielding drone added the perfect pep to the event.

Said a visibly elated Nikhil Chinapa on his FB page: “Can’t go wrong with 10,000 students dancing their hearts out all the way up the hill!! Thank you Manav Rachna Educational Institute! Resurrection 2K15 was insane!!”

DSC_0136Speaking about the Fest, Dr Prashant Bhalla, President MREI, said, “Manav Rachna Fest Resurrection 2K15 is a confluence of culture and talent. This Mega event put together by our youth is all about their spirit, verve and enthusiasm. It gives me immense pleasure to witness some great teamwork and leadership skills in evidence. The sheer abundance of youthful talent at the Fest makes me feel proud of our students. Let the three-day extravaganza be a time for sharing and learning, showcasing the multi-faceted nature of our youth and their ability to reach great heights of excellence.

MEGAMEN, making their debut in India, were floored by the youth as they remarked, “The crowds were amazing as they kept jumpin’, doin’ desi moves…boy it was crazy!” They rapped and sang, saying their ‘Namaste India’ lines with effortless ease, displaying incredible stage histrionics and even teaching the crowd a step or two. The crowds responded with equal alacrity.

The Fest had held the crowd enthralled with the mantra of ‘Be here, be born again’ revitalizing the students, as they jived and rocked to the ‘Megamen’ spell and soaked in the pulsating night with all their zest.