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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Ongoing Startups

HyFn Games Pvt. Ltd.

  • Brief about the company: The mission of HyFn games is to create games of science fiction genre. Besides the obvious entertainment that games provide, they also create the base for young people to learn. This learning happens automatically while playing the game. Their flagship product “SpaceTrap-3D” was launched on PlayStore in 2017.
    Besides game development, HyFn Games has also ventured into the field of Virtual Reality bagging projects like Campus Walk-throughs for various companies.
    They plan to work in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Augement Reality in upcoming future.
  • Team: Rakesh Sethi, Yugank Rastogi, Mudra Rastogi, Vishang Jad, Adhiraj Mathur, Shaurya Singh
  • Stage: The company is running smoothly having a good number of projects in hand.

Tricho Agronica Pvt. Ltd.

Tricho Agronica Pvt Ltd, the Start-Up has received a grant of Rs 172 lacs under Indian Oil Startup Scheme (IOSUS), a “Start-up India” initiative announced by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. The vision of the company is to provide Lab to Land- an ecofriendly approach. It aims to promote, develop and provide eco friendly products and technologies in safer, cost effective and sustainable manner.

Keeping these perspectives in view the company has designed its first bio formulation product  ‘Bio elixir’ which is a remedy for bull’s eye  pathogen at low cost. The synergistic effect of the bio elixir constituents has the capability to increase systemic resistance in plants by increasing photosynthesis process in plants. It is the bio fertilizer and a bio fungicide organic formulation which is available in the powder form. It is a non-chemical based formulation to reduce disease of tomato plant combining with features for enhancing soil structure and fertility, maintaining soil biological activities and promoting plant growth & biomass.

Technnoplanet Pvt. Ltd.

Technoplanet is a company working in education space to develop new age tools, technologies and programs to create engaging K-12 learning experiences with an ultimate objective to revolutionizing education. In 21st century, technological advancements are rapidly disrupting industries with new trends evolving like self-driving cars; digital shopping; virtual worlds; life on mars. Envisioning how these disruptions will play out in our children’s lives opens up a whole lot of new questions, and necessitates paradigm shifts in how we are thinking about education today.

Our offering for a Atal Tinkering Lab is based on creating an environment that promotes the participants to dream, the equipment allows them to tinker, the curriculum enables them to structure their thinking and the Innovation League allows them to challenge themselves. We  offer our equipment and solution to setup the Atal Tinkering Labs as envisioned by NITI Aayog.

Parimukh Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Team of engineers from various background and expertise took the problem of Air Pollution and other environmental problem to be tackled with engineering products.

Our environment is in continuous havoc like situation and if we don’t give our attention to this our future generation will be suffered, it’s the time when technology has to be created and implemented to protect our city lives.

Team Parimukh is catering this, with their knowledge and experience from different sector they have already developed and offering PARIYAYANTRA Air filtration system and working on different technologies as well.

Team Members


  • Dr. Monika Goel- Chief Coordinator NewGen IEDC and Head MRBI
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