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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Bookshala – RI

Bookshala, a Limited Liability Corporation, aims to be a pioneer in books circulation including the services like buying, reselling, renting, borrowing, donating, and exchanging of new, used, common, and exquisite books among students and readers of all genres and age groups.

The Company’s mission is to facilitate any and every individual to reach the books of all genres without shelling out exorbitant costs associated with them by encouraging, sharing and reuse of books. As per the current working model and customer acquisition pattern, the company foresees a customer acquisition of nearly 350 prior to the official website and reading rooms launch.  We target individual users from all segments; however, the market share may vary depending on the readership considering different factors such as age groups, course editions, etc.

In a developing country like India, education is a sector that will not see a downfall in the near future. Although Bookshala shall cater to all sections of reading, it’s one of the prime target users would remain students from primary and higher studies.

Company Strengths and core competencies:
Bookshala is designed to be an e-commerce platform with never-before-services offered to its registered users. The company shall be among a very few e-commerce giants with their offline inventories directly open to their users.

A young team with highly experienced and qualified mentors definitely plays a vital role in a company’s success. Our team with recent graduates, researchers and management scholars, form a bond that can get the audience to demand more of our products and services. Our team believes in the famous saying “keep it simple, silly!”

The Bookshala team comprises of AmitSoni,  RohitYadav, Vridhi Sharma, Kartik Sharma, AsmitaKhandelwal, LakshitVarshney – all students of MREI.

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