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Manav Rachna University, Faridabad
Books /Chapters /Monograph/Case Study authored by faculty members
S.No. Name of faculty Members Department Name Type of publication
1. Book
2. Chapter
3. Monograph
4. Case study
Name of the Book / Chapter / Monograph ISBN Number / DOI for Book Chapter Year of publication (yyyy) Affiliation (MRU)
1 Urmila Pilania CST Book Chapter Smart Blind Stick for Blind People 2021 Yes
2 Shilpa Sharma, Amita Malik, Priti Gupta Chemistry Book Chapter Bionanocomposites in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine 978-0-12-821634-7 2021 Yes
3 S.K. Bose Law 1. Book Chapter in Book
Global Thoughts and Opinions
Intersectionality of Literature Law and Culture 978-81947778-5-4 2021 Yes
4 Manmeet Bali Nag Management Book Chapter in the Book Entrepreneurship and Big Data: The Digital Revolution Social Entrepreneurship In An Era Of Disruption: Converging Towards Social Change & Sustainability Through Digitization In A Post Covid World NA 2021 Yes
5 Versha Vahini Law Book Text book on Competition Law 978-93-8999-128-4 2020 Yes
6 Sakshi Bahuguna Law Book Chapter Politics of Development in India: Internal & External Dimensions NA 2020 Yes
7 Sakshi Bahuguna Law Book Chapter India in world affairs NA 2020 No
8 Meena Kapahi, Vinayak V. Pathak, Roopa Rani, Jaya Tuteja and Sangeeta Banga Chemistry Book Chapter
in Book
Biofuels Production – Sustainability and Advances in Microbial Bioresources)

Organic Waste for Biofuel Production: Energy Conversion Pathways and Applications Print ISBN
Online ISBN

2020 Yes
9 Savita Sharma  Education  Book Chapter in Book- Diversity in Education: Learning in A World of Differences Emracing Diversity in the classrooms through nurturing Spirituality in teachers 978-93-90154-33-3 2020 Yes
10 Sakshi Bahuguna Law Book Chapter: Indo- US Relation vis-a-vis Indian Diaspora in US.   India’s Foreign Policy and Contemporary Defence Challenges 978-93-89657-50-0 2020 Yes
11 Arpit Sand Chemistry Book Organic Polymers 978-1-78984-618-8 2020 Yes
12 Arpit Sand
Aparna Vyas
Chemistry /
Book Chapter Organic Polymer – Graft Copolymers 978-1-78984-618-8 2020 Yes
13 Dr Rashee Singh Education and Humanities Book Chapter Guidance and Counselling 978-81-945153-4-0 2020 Yes
14 Mr. Aditya Sharma Physics Book Chapter Bottom-Up and Top-Down Approaches for MgO 978-1-83880-1-002-4 2020 Yes
15 Dr. Jyoti Pruthi CST Book Chapter Data Visualization Techniques: Traditional Data to Big Data 978-981-15-2282-6 2020 Yes
16 Hanu Bhardwaj CST Book Chapter Business Indicators for Data Warehouse Requirement Engineering   2020 Yes
17 Aparna Vyas Mathematics Book Non-MSF Wavelets 978-620-0-10318-5 2019 Yes
18 Shiv Kumar Physics Chapter The Physics of Semiconductor Devices 978-3-319-97604-4 2019 Yes
19 Versha Vahini Law Book Chapter Triple Talak – Judgment, Legislation and Beyond 2019 Yes
20 Vinayak V Pathak Chemistry Chapter Environmental Biotechnology for Sustainable future/ Implication of Algal Microbiology for Wastewater Treatment and Bioenergy Production 978-981-10-7284-0 2019 Yes
21 Parneeta Dhaliwal              Riya Sapra CST Book Chapter Blockchain for security issues of Internet of Things (IoT) 9.78303E+12 2019 Yes
22 Meena Kapahi Chemistry Chapter Recent Advances in Cultivation of Edible Mushrooms 978-3-030-02621-9 2019 Yes
23 Aditya Sharma Physics Chapter Fabrication of Magnetic Tunnel Junctions, Advanced Applications in Manufacturing Engineering 9780081024140 2018 Yes
24 Arpit Sand Chemistry Book Graft copolymerization and Polysaccharides 978-613-9-97543-3 2018 Yes
25 Shilpa Sharma Chemistry Book Polyaspartic acid based superabsorbent polymers 978-620-2-00752-8 2018 Yes
26 Aparna Vyas Mathematics Book Multiscale Transforms with Application to Image Processing 978-981-10-7272-7,    978-981-10-7271-0 2018 Yes
27 Hardeo Kumar Thakur CST Book Chapter Periodic Patterns in Dynamic Network: Mining and Parametric Analysis 9781522559511 2018 Yes
28 Jyoti Pruthi CST Book Chapter Smart Trends in Information  Technology and Computer Communication  978-981-10-3433-6 2018 Yes
29 P.K.Patnala Chemistry Chapter Prospects of pesticide contamination and control measures in aquatic systems: A green approach 978-1-5225-6111-8 2018 Yes
30 Anu Priya Sharma CST Chapter Analyzing the Role of Risk Mitigation and Monitoring in Software Development 978-1-5225-6029-6 2018 Yes
31 Aditya Sharma Physics Chapter Introduction to X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy and its applications in material science, Handbook of Materials Characterization 978-3-319-92955-2 2018 Yes
32 Meena Kapahi Chemistry Book Chapter Biology of Macrofungi 978-3-030-02621-9
 Springer, Cham
2018 Yes
33 Vinayak V. Pathak Chemistry Chapter Prospects of pesticide contamination and control measures in aquatic systems: A green approach 9.78152E+12 2018 Yes
34 Vinayak V. Pathak Chemistry Book Chapter Implication of Algal Microbiology for Wastewater Treatment and Bioenergy Production 978-981-10-7284-0 2018 Yes
35 Savita Sharma Education Chapter- Proceeding in the form of book of the Haryana Swarna Jayanti National Seminar, “Teacher: A Reflective Practitioner for Quality Education” Kurukshetra University Spiritual Dimension as an Integral Aspect of Peace and Value Nurturance 978-93-84789-84-8 2018 Yes
36 Sachin Lakra CST Book Living in Balance with Nature B078HNYDVD (ASIN) 2017 Yes
37 Rashee Singh Education Chapter Systemic Concerns of Teacher Education in 21st Century/Total Quality Management in Teacher Education 978-93-86490-15-5 2017 Yes
38 Ritu Sharma Education Chapter Urban Sociology 978-93-5259-746-8 2017 Yes
39 Som Dutt Law Chapter Competition Law in New Economy/ Anti- Competitive Agreements: A Comparative Analysis 978-93-81771-53-2 2017 Yes
40 Sujata Nayak Mechanical Chapter Design of an indirect solar dryer 978-81-6487-581-2 2017 Yes
41 Sujata Nayak Mechanical Chapter Economic Analysis of hybrid Photovoltaic-Thermal (PV/T) Integrated Indirect type Solar Dryer   2017 Yes
42 Vinayak V. Pathak Chemistry Book Chapter Closed photobioreactors: Construction material and influencing parameters at the commercial scale 9.78154E+12 2017 Yes
43 Megha Mittal Chemistry Book Chapter Medical Countermeasures-Chelation Therapy   2017 Yes
44 Ritu Sharma Education Chapter Rural Sociology 978-93-5259-152-7 2016 No
45 Vinayak V Pathak Chemistry Book Chapter Membrane-Less Microbial Fuel Cell: A Low-Cost Sustainable Approach for Clean Energy and Environment 9.78043E+12 2016 No
46 Vinayak V Pathak Chemistry Book Chapter Policy reforms in Indian energy sector to achieve energy security and sustainability 9.7815E+12 2016 No
47 Geeta Thakur Education Chapter Qualitative content analysis 978-81-927973-2-8 2016 No
48 Ritu Sharma Education Chapter Sociological Foundations of Education 978-93-259-9426-3 2015 No
49 Ritu Sharma Education Chapter Psycho-Social and Educational Implications of Children with Visual Impairment 978-93-52259-007-0 2015 No
50 Megha Mittal Chemistry Chapter Medical countermeasures-chelation therapy 978-0124186880 2015 Yes
51 Megha Mittal Chemistry Book Chapter Preventing fluoride toxicity with selenium. In: Fluoride: Chemistry, Analysis, Function and Effects 978-1-84973-888-0 2015 Yes
52 Geeta Thakur Education Book Understanding Organizational Behavior of Colleges of Education 978-1-329-17708-6   No
53 Geeta Thakur Education Book Recent trends in ICT in education 1-329-17281-4 2015 No
54 Geeta Thakur Education Chapter e-Portfolio 1-329-17281-4 2015 No
55 Ritu Sharma Education Book Comparative Education 978-93-259-8076-1 2014 No
56 S.K. Bose LAW Book Critical Perspectives in American Literature 978-93-800-0000-0 2014 No
57 Rashee Singh Education Book Issues of adolescence 978-93-82302-69-8 2013 No
58 Ritu Sharma Education Book Comparative Education 978-93-259-9376 2013 No
59 Ritu Sharma Education Chapter Social Dynamics 978-93-259-6692-5 2013 No
60 Pragati Chauhan DMC Chapter Universities and their Social Commitment Technical Reporter, MRCE-Volume 1, No-2 Pg: 67-76 2013 Yes
61 Megha Mittal Chemistry Chapter Preventing Fluoride Toxicity with Selenium 978-1-84973-888-0 2015 No
62 Shruti Vashist ECE Book Analog Electronic & Circuits Not assigned 2012 No
63 Ritu Sharma Education Book Comparative Education 978-93-259-6844-8 2012 No
64 Ritu Sharma Education Book (Vikas Publications) Rural Sociology 978-93-259-6374-0 2012 No
65 Rashee Singh Education Chapter Educational Psychology-Laying Horizon in Teaching Learning Process/”New Trends in Psychology of Teaching and Learning” 978-93-81912-99-7 2012 No
66 Shefali Chopra                       Chitra Gaba DMC Book Microprocessor and Interfacing 2012 No
67 Pragati Chauhan DMC Chapter Cultivating Entrepreneurship in Rural India – A Case Study- . Technical Reporter MRCE, Volume 1 No. 1 2012 Yes
68 Kalpana Shukla Mathematics Chapter On Sufficient Optimality Conditions for Semi-Infinite Discrete Minmax Fractional Programming Problems Under Generalized V-Invexity 9781441996404
2011 No
69 S.K. Bose LAW Book Biographical Encyclopaedia of World Great Novelists-Vol-1 978-93-80096-88-9(set) 2016 No
70 S.K. Bose LAW Book Biographical Encyclopaedia of World Great Novelists-Vol-1 978-93-80096-88-9(set) 2016 No
71 S.K. Bose LAW Book Biographical Encyclopaedia of World Great Poets-Vol-2 978-93-80096-87-2 2016 No
72 Y K Sharma Mathematics Book Applied Engineering Mathematics 978-93-80408-30-9 2012 No
73 Shruti Vashist ECE Book Elements of Electronics Engineering Not assigned 2011 No
74 Sachin Lakra CST Book Fundamentals of Computing and Programming in C Not assigned 2010 No
75 Parul jhajharia DMC Book Cases in Management, Co-authored with Prof ( Dr.) Sanjay Srivastava, Prentice Hall of India, 2010 978-81-20341-58-6 2010 No
76 S.K. Bose LAW Book Biographical Encyclopaedia of World Great Poets-Vol-1 978-93-80096-87-1(set) 2010 No
77 S.K. Bose LAW Book Studies Comparative Literautre 9380096348 2010 No
78 Megha Bansal Chemistry Book Chapter Arsenic toxicity: Biochemical Effects, Mechanism of Action and Startegies for the prevention and Treatment by chelating Agents and Herbal Extarcts 978-93-80026-97-8 2010 No
79 Shruti Vashist ECE Book Electronic Devices & Circuits Not assigned 2009 No
80 S.K. Bose LAW Book Studies in Commonwealth Literature 978-93-80096-35-3 2009 No
81 S.K. Bose LAW Book Studies in Twentieth Century Literary Criticism 978-93-80096-36-0 2009 No
82 Y K Sharma Mathematics BOOK Text Book of Engineering Mathematics Not assigned 2014 No
83 Sangita Banga Chemistry Book Engineering Chemistry 2014 Yes
84 Parul Jhajharia DMC Book Strategic Human Resource Management and Service Organizations: A Case Study 978-81-203-4158-6 2011 No
85 Parul Jhajharia DMC Book Management Case Studies 8180110990 2005 No
86 Parul Jhajharia DMC Case Study Human Resource Management Indian Adaption 2005 No
87 Kiran Gupta Education Chapter A Unit on ET-A System’s Approach for PGDET, IGNOU 2003 No
88 Chhavi Kulshreshtha Education Chapter Role of Elderly Characters in Mahabharata: A Modern Perspective 81-7625273-5 2002 Yes
89 Roopa Rani Chemistry Book Chapter High Performance Thin Layer Chromatographic Method for the estimation of Cholesterol in Edible oils 2012 Yes
90 Geeta Thakur Education Chapter Organizational Behavior in the Colleges of Education 978-81-7625-969-9 2010 Yes
91 Geeta Thakur Education Chapter An Effective Tool to Create Environmental Awareness: ECAC 978-93-313-2270-8 2014 Yes
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